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Covid-19 Resources and News

Update from Session:  June 2022

 Session has decided that effective immediately masks will now be optional for all events held at the church.  This change in Covid protocol is appropriate because of the drastic reduction in Covid cases throughout the county and state as well as the lack of cases in the Medical Center.  Anyone wishing to continue to wear a mask is encouraged to do so.  Session will continue to review Covid protocols in order to remain current with ever changing events. 

UPDATE: January 2022

Session held a special meeting to reconsider KMPC's COVID protocols in light of the new COVID guidelines for Church life, provided by the Presbytery of the Highlands of New Jersey, in response to another surge of the COVID virus, led by the Omicron Variant. Copies of the Presbytery's COVID guidelines can be found on the table in the connector or can be reached at the following link:


Effective immediately, Session approved:

1.  In person/Zoom worship continues.  The amount of in person attendees is small and allows for social distancing.

2.  Face masks (double layer or KN95).  Mandatory for all people in the building and/or sanctuary when two or more people are present.  The CDC and the NJ Department of Health recommend that a face mask is at least the minimum of two layers or a KN95 mask.  Music & Worship Committee is exploring the possibility of purchasing KN95 masks for use in the sanctuary.

3.  All singing is now suspended, with the exception of Jim Hawthorne and Sharyn Danner.  The nature of the Omicron Variant is extremely contagious, therefore singing is being suspended.

4.  All other protocols remain as is.

Updated Protocols for In-Person Worship (effective January 2022, as approved by Session)

  • Face masks, double layer or KN95, must be worn properly while on church property (covering face and mouth) when two or more people are present

  • Maintain social distancing (minimum of 6 feet) 

  • Singing with masks (approved 2/16/2022 by Session)

  • All attendees will sign in each week to maintain a record of attendance

  • Gathering Covenant to be filled out just once per attendee (parents will complete a Gathering Covenant for underage children)

  • The handicapped bathroom will be the only one available for use on Sundays.  If you use the bathroom, please wipe it down with the Clorox wipes provided after use.

  • Please arrive no earlier than 9:15am

  • Bring your own communion elements 

  • The nursery will be available for children.  Please wipe down toys after use

If you are showing symptoms of illness or have a temperature of over 100.4, please stay home out of concern and love for all.



These are some of the resources and articles that the Reopening Team have been using to guide their discussion of how to open the building safely for all.

Resuming Care-Filled Worship and Sacramental Life During a Pandemic: A report from the Ecumenical Consultation on Protocols for Worship, Fellowship, and Sacraments (click on PDF below).

Questions to Consider Before Reopening (click on PDF below)

COVID-19 Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): 

World Health Organization (WHO):

New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub:

Hunterdon County COVID-19 Information Hub: Health Department Updates and Resources

including Hunterdon/Somerset Joint Testing Site at RVCC Info and Registration

FCC COVID-19 Consumer Scam Warnings and Safety Tips:

Hunterdon Healthcare:

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