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Together, KMPC invites all to accept Christ, grow in Christ, and share Christ.

The Session is pleased to embark on a journey in faith.  We believe that God is calling each of us toward greater commitment in discipleship – as individuals and as the Body of Christ here at KMPC.  The Session has been working through a visioning process over the last eighteen months in order to discern where God is calling us.  We have prayed together.  We have eaten together.  We have discussed and laughed and enjoyed life together.  We have not always agreed on everything, but we have put our faith in the idea that God is in the details.

We now invite you to be a part of our vision!  No matter where you are in your faith journey, we hope that you will pray about where God is calling you.  The first step is to accept Christ.  For us, we believe that it starts with worship.  Corporate worship gives us the opportunity to come to know and experience the God of Jesus Christ.  And we share with other believers the joys and sorrows of life together in the faith.  We strongly encourage you to make worship a priority.  Come and experience the presence of God through song, prayer, Scripture and the Word proclaimed.

To grow in Christ means to take your faith to the next level.  We do not believe that once Christ is accepted in our lives that we are finished.  It is only the beginning of a lifetime of knowing Christ and serving God more and more.  The Session knows that there are many ways to grow in faith, and we want to know how we can help you grow.  We are planning to form new small groups in the fall in order to help foster growth in Christ.  Be thinking and praying now about how you might fit into a small group – through common interests, similarities in life experience, or by some other means.  You will hear more in the coming weeks about small group formation here at KMPC.

As we grow in Christ, our journey moves toward active service in Christ.  This service can take many forms.  Session believes that mission and service are wonderful ways to share Christ. We are also encouraging you – whether individually or in groups – to serve God through this church or community.  As the summer goes on, you will hear of ways that you can share Christ through your service.

Accept. Grow. Share.  Now you know.  Won’t you join us?

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